Mehrdad Nayebi, Ph.D.

Our expertise spans all industries, from semiconductor, consumer electronics, telecom, medical device technologies, manufacturing to service industries and more.

Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

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in the city where opportunity avenue meets preparation boulevard is a street corner we like to call success. If you can't see yourself standing there yet, let us show you the way.

​​Niham Technology Group

Mehrdad Nayebi, Ph.D.

Mehrdad Nayebi, Ph.D.

Niham Technology Group pre-invests in Series B or C of technology companies with revenue into single digit $M. Your business could be exposed to risk. We make sure you're protected. We will then jump in and review and reorient your company's vision and strategy.  We arrange for strategic partnership for further growth and when it's all done, we will present your companies to well-know VCs to complete the round. 

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​Mehrdad Nayebi, Ph.D.

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We analyze everything from technology differentiation, product roadmap, go to market strategy, targeted strategic partners, supply chain management to employee compensation. We have deep knowledge of corporate mergers executive management and CEO Leadership Circle and mentorship programs.

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Niham Technology Group is an umbrella executive management expertise and Early stage incubator company participating in various high-tech areas of semiconductor, wireless, telecom, datacom, consumer products, medical devices, and software technologies. It Provides companywide Strategic Marketing, setup and help with partnership alliances, unifying Vision, restructuring, Technical system solutions, fundraising efforts, and direct investment either as board members and/or C-level roles to the many technology startups. It also provides & recruits Sr. executives & board members to its portfolio companies. As these portfolio companies grow, it will then help them to identify & establish strategic partnership with large corporate players and help with Series B, C fundraising through partnership with major established late-stage venture funds. Some of the portfolio companies include: Ultrawave Labs, Lymphagenix, In2wave Systems, PhaseLink, AiTech Software, etc.